I have done my graduation in Commerce degree from Mumbai University in the year 1987. Andthere after did my Post graduation in Managementand qualification as a Chartered Accountant from“The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India”.I was born and brought up in Mumbai. And have worked with some of the MNC's post CA qualification in Mumbai at various levels. I shifted to Pune almost 9 years back.Initially during my career I was working mainly in the field of Direct and Indirect taxation. And almost after 5 to 6 years I worked in Accounting and Financial areas in my job profile.My approach to any work is to understand it properly in its concept as well as on its legal, statutory compliances if any. I am a self-motivated person and a creative person. I also like to work in a group and to lead the group by setting examples and doing it, so that the team is aware of their contribution as required by the organization, to achieve its goals.I also try to give and help the other departments in the organization when they ask for any information or any requirements related to my function. And I do expect the same from them in return.I keep myself updated with the latest in my field and profession by reading related literatures and Act's and Laws. I like to contribute my knowledge and experience for achieving the objectives or for solving any problems of my organization.