The Government of Maharashtra (GoM), ten Universities in the state, Educational Institutions, Community Institutions, IT and non-IT industries etc. are among the initial major equity holders. With GoM's equity within a range of 26% to 37%, the company has a unique blend of government credibility and social responsibility on one hand and entrepreneurial competitiveness, market orientation, quality, flexibility, productivity, profitability and self-sustainability on the other.

The shareholding pattern of MKCL is as follows:

Category Percentage of Total Paid-up Capital No. of Shares held
1 Government of Maharashtra 37.13% 3000000
2 Universities 33.91% 2740000
5 Others including individuals 28.32% 2288920
4 Directors 00.23% 18500
3 Educational Institutions 00.26% 20925
3 Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority Ministry of Corporate Affairs 00.15% 11850
Total 100% 8080195
Equity Profile

Distinctive Identity

The founders conceived a unique identity of MKCL as a fast-track IT enabler and a complimenting and supplementing partner of the Universities, Government and communities for the fulfillment of the new and growing aspirations of students in particular and people in general in the emerging knowledge society and knowledge-led economy of the twenty-first century.