Learning Centers
Strong network of Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) all over Maharashtra
Network of Computer systems in learning centers, delivering eLearning content.
University Students
Number of students who have benefited from Educational E-Governance services on MKCL's software
Employed through MKCL's inclusive and sustainable network partner program
12.5 Million+
Smart Users
Number of Smart Users of Computers, who have completed the MS-CIT course

7 Joint Ventures
Organizations imparting IT Literacy and replicating other services in various geographical area in the world
12.5 million+ students
Given Online Admissions and Online Recruitment Services across the state through MKCL’s OASIS Framework.
18 Products & Services
Various Offerings of the MKCL to empower Education and Governance sector
MKCL World

Empowering Citizens

across four countries

    • Saudi Arabia
    • Egypt
    • Sri Lanka
    • India (Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha, Haryana)

Employment Generation
  • 25,000 youth in the state got direct high-tech employment and self-employment opportunities in this network with decent and stable income at their own native places without migrating to Mumbai, Pune or nearby cities.
  • 1,00,000 youths in the state got indirect job opportunities in this network at their own native places.

Financial Benefits to the Government
  • Turnover grew from Rs. 200 million in 2002-03 to Rs. 1766.34 million in 2017-18 gives a confidence to state established enterprises
  • Paid Rs. 2373.20 million to Government of Maharashtra (GoM) in last seventeen years by way of dividend, examination fees, SGST, etc. as against GoM’s equity of Rs.30 million..
  • Paid Rs. 1877.09 million to Government of India in last seventeen years by way of Service tax, VAT, Works Contract Tax, Dividend Distribution Tax, IGST & CGST, etc.