Senior Program Coordinator, Higher Education Transformation Program (HETP)

Shridhar Kute is currently working in Higher Education Transformation Program (HETP) of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL). He has 23 years of experience in architecting software solutions and leading development activities of large software systems.

His major contribution is in Digital University framework covering entire student life cycle processes in different universities and colleges. Currently serving to millions of students in Maharashtra and other states of India.

His next major contribution is ERA, a popular MKCL eLearning brand that has offered its services to millions of learners in states of India as well as abroad.

He also served as an electronic engineer in his previous positions. Later he was involved in transformation of places of pilgrimage through Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and integral education based on the synthesis of science, spirituality and culture.

His academic profile includes Diploma in Advance Computing from CDAC, Graduation in Electronic Engineering and Diploma in Industrial Electronics.

His expertise includes:

  • Architecting software systems.
  • Development using innovative technologies and solutions.
  • Planning, controlling, monitoring, and directing the assigned project resources to best meet project objectives.
  • Finding alternative solutions, approaches to the problems. Working as Leader, Mentor and Facilitator.