Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh the immediate past Director General and Member of the Board of Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA). With his 40+ years of industry experience, in varied field has been credited with in re-establishing the MCCIA brand during his association of more than a decade.

He represented the chamber on various committees at the state and national level and also has a strong connect with the industry, trade, business, educational institutions, chamber of commerce, foreign trade offices, industrialists, members from diverse industries back home as well as internationally.

An accomplished leader who believes “My success is due to the strong teams with which I worked, the members of which were cherry-picked by me.” He has earned extensive experience and expertise in corporate finance, non-banking finance, general management, projects, personnel and risk management, government relations, Management strategy, policies and practices.

Dr. Sardeshmukh, a man who always traversed untrodden path with a confidence of success and achievement, has contributed significantly to the organizations of his association. He is a man often credited for numerous “First-Time” initiatives. It was his visionary efforts which enhanced the visibility and reach of the chamber to different areas of operations, advocacy, and geographic areas of the state, nation and globe too.

His professional experience of more than four decades of working with diverse industries including pharmaceutical, automobile, Engineering, insurance, finance, banking, skilling ,training established and affirmed him to be a leader and achiever. The reputed positions assumed by him in his career often came with challenges as well which Dr. Sardeshmukh handled and has been handling impeccably with astounding success, results.

Through his past working associations with the leading names from various industries, he precisely knows the problems and challenges faced by each industry. He has always strived and succeeded in helping the industries find solutions to those problems with the help of government initiatives, policies, and effective strategies.

The industry and institutions have always applauded Dr. Sardeshmukh's proactive, progressive contribution towards the development, problem resolution and promotion. He is acclaimed for his deep knowledge, expertise and interest in MSME sector and is often sought for advice, suggestions and help for the same.

Be it capacity and capability development of MSMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurship development, international market development, management advisory, professional development, professional educational advisory, Dr. Sardeshmukh’s interventions, guidance and support would be of certain help and value.

Dr. Anant Sardeshmukh is now , engaged into consultancy, advisory, and other development services which includes, strategy development, finance resourcing, capacity and capability building, international market development, entrepreneurship development, educational and professional development, top level personnel selection, development and other incidental management services the areas in which he commands expertise and experience.

Areas of work:

  • Corporate Advisory on Strategy, policy, systems, Compliance and Governance
  • Financial Services including Fund Sourcing
  • International Partner identification, tie ups
  • Business Negotiations, Agreements
  • Government Relations and Representations
  • Senior Management Selection, Training and Development
  • New, Institutions, Project development and Implementation