Senior General Manager, Educational Transformation Program

Revati started her professional career with MKCL in 2002 and has earned experience of 18+ years.

Revati has done her Master's in Computer Science(M.C.S.) from University of Pune.

She has done her Ph.D. in Education from TMV, Pune.

She holds Post Graduate Diploma in Modern Information Systems in distance mode from IIT Powai. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Pune.

She started her career in eLearning and has contributed to the design and development of MKCL's educational frameworks for eLearning, assessment, constructive learning, etc.

These frameworks are widely being used for MKCL's educational programs. She has contributed to the academics of MKCL's educational programs and has been involved in devising and implementing innovative learning methodologies for masses.

She has also worked for School Education Transformation program with a focus on appropriate technology enablement for teachers and students as well as innovative Olympiad movement to unleash talent of each school student.

She has been working on Work based and Livelihoods based degree program through MKCL Finishing Schools (MFS). It involves the design and implementation of work-based learning methodologies, in collaboration with Industry and University. Her Ph.D. thesis is in Work-based Learning. Published case studies can be found at

Revati has represented MKCL at various state, national and international level conferences.

Currently she is working on Higher Education Transformation program with a focus on empowering Higher Education Institutions as a Knowledge and Technology Partner.

Besides career with technology and education, she is a professional voice over artist and has worked with All India Radio, as a News reader.