Senior General Manager, LIP

Mr. Amit Ranade is General Manager of MKCL's Learning Innovations Program (LIP) and is been associated with MKCL since 2005.

He is an Engineering Graduate in Computer Science (B.E CSE) and MBA in Marketing and Systems. He has 9 Years of experience in eLearning Domain with MKCL. He coordinates for development of MKCL's home grown eLearning platform viz. ERA (ELearningRevolution for ALL) which includeseContent Development Factory, eContentDistribution and Management System, eLearningManagement System, and eAssessment Management and instant eCertification Systemwhich are used for diagnostic, formative and summative assessments. And also for various online Examination and recruitment eventsToday the ERA Framework is available on 5000+ servers and LANs in a quasi-online modeat all the 5000+ learning centers for serving millions of learners undergoing various coursesin self-paced, interactive and social-media enabled collaborative learning environment

His role involves

  1. Specifying business requirements for offering unique pedagogy / andragogy ofInform-to-Perform and Perform-to-Transform approach and coordinating fordevelopment of Learning Content development, Learning Process and LearningEnvironment. He coordinates with Technical and Business Analyst team for development ofsystems to support academic processes ERA
  2. Technical Support for Channel Partner Network He manages technical supportteam for Channel Partner Network Support System for MKCL and other Joint Venturesto ensure uninterrupted and continuous availability of Learning Environment
  3. Action Research : he handles an learning centre operated by MKCL and his roleinvolves close observation of the Learning process and learning Environment which helps inimproving and simplifying the content and frameworks and helps in development of neweducational Programs
  4. Identifying and devising offerings in association with various domain experts
  5. Managing curriculum development team to ensure the content and curriculumoffered in the Educational Programs like MKCL's IT Literacy and Functionality programsto ensure that the focus on skill and career building approach is adhering to the objectiveof not just imparting differential skills but imbibing integral skills withglobal best practices6. Conducting Academic Trainings to ensure the uniformity in the offering