Completed his MBBS and M.D. in Psychological Medicine as well as D.P.M (Diploma in Psychological Medicine) from Seth G.S.Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai. Stood First in M.D. Examination in the University of Mumbai. Started his consultancy practice in 1986 after working as a lecturer in K.E.M. Hospital. Helped establishing Muktangan De-addiction Centre in 1986 and started Institute for Psychological Health, along with other colleagues in 1990.


  • Managing Trustee Institute for Psychological Health (IPH)

IPH Community Mental Health Project in Thane, Maharashtra, India & a registered trust with the mission of ‘Mental Health for All’ , consist of mental health professionals from various fields & offers services to all age groups. De-stigmatization; that is reducing the gap of ignorance and misconceptions between society and mental health is the mission of IPH.

IPH is an experiment in the field of mental health, unique in many ways and probably only one of its kinds in India or possibly in Asia. It has become a place of learning for many mental health professionals from the country as well as abroad.

IPH has also become an official teaching centre recognized by Mumbai University, SNDT University and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Mental health professionals from Sweden, Finland, US, UK, Germany, Austria etc. have to the institute to learn the model of community mental health. There is a team of 72 trained professionals working together at the institute with more than 120 trained community volunteers working in different projects and a support team of 48 individuals. Creatively self sufficient economically, IPH offers most of its services to community at subsidized charges and has no financial backing, either governmental or international.
From March 2018, IPH has opened its full fledged activity centre in the city of Pune, a city with tradition of education and culture as well as growing industrialization.

  • Founder Trustee and Consultant Muktangan De-Addiction Center Pune: one of the centers of excellence in the country for treating De-addiction in India. Muktangan is also a Regional Resource and Training Centre for United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP).
  • On Board of Directors, Indoco Remedies, a thousand Cr. plus listed pharmaceutical company
  • Trustee: Swayam Rehabilitation Trust for disabled children, especially with Cerebral Palsy.
  • On advisory board of MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.) a premium Elearning company with social ethos.
  • Corporate Trainer and Human Resource Consultant: Has been working as a trainer of Mental Health and related topics for many industries in Mumbai and throughout the country. Trainer & Consultant for over 30 major corporate organizations in the country in the field of Pharma, Engineering, Service, Chemicals & software

Positions held in past:

  • Consultant – Godrej & Boyce Co. Ltd (1989-2006).
  • Advisor-Muktipath De-addiction center Gadchiroli.
  • Founder Member Juvenile Diabetic Foundation (Maharashtra Chapter).
  • Visiting Prof. Tata Institute of Social Science (1985-1995).
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Larsen & Toubro Ltd (1987-1990).

Areas of Professional Interest:

Dr.Nadkarni holds a busy consulting practice for last three decades. His clinical practice used to span over eleven hours in a day, for the last 25 years. In last five years he has consciously started diverting his work to a team of 14 qualified psychiatrist team members to ensure that he gives more time to work at ‘Macro’ levels with different social groups.

His areas of interests are:

  • Child & adolescent psychiatry.
  • Psychological aspects of sports medicine.
  • Group therapy techniques as applicable to Indian scenario.
  • Has been spreading the message of mental health through workshop, talks & lectures for a decade with an average of over hundred lectures per year.
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy & Indian Philosophy.

At the IPH centre he coordinates a team of 14 psychiatrists and over sixty counselors. At the institute, out patients, an average of 150 families is helped every day.

Extra Curricular Interests:

  1. Marathi Books: Writer of 19 award – winning books in Marathi.
    • Vaidyaksatta - Won Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad Award, now in its 7th edition.
    • Kinchit - Won Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial award of Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal.
    • Gaddhyepanchvishi - Memoirs –won Anant Kanekar award of Maharashtra State Govt. 5th edition
    • Arogyacha Arth - Book on concept of Holistic Health. 7th edition.
    • Eka Psychiatristchi Diary - book on memoirs as a psychiatrist. 9th edition
    • Swabhav Vibhav - Published on 1st October 2000, book on Rational Emotive thinking.17th edition
    • Jidnyasa - Editor of this training manual of adolescent sensitization program, 3rd edition.
    • Muktipatre - book on recovery process from addictions; 8th edition.
    • Manovikas - Presenter of this book on Community Volunteer project run by IPH. 5th edition.
    • Vishad Yog - Published on 4th October 2003, on the theme of stress management, comparative analysis of REBT & Bhagwatgeeta; now in its 11th edition. Received Maharashtra State Literature Award, Barrister Nath Pai Memorial Award, 2004-2005.
    • Devraichya Savaleet - A unique blend of insights in film-appreciation, creative documentation and information about ‘schizophrenia’ – a major mental illness. In second edition.
    • Shahanyancha Psychiatrist - This a story of an activist in the field of Mental health spanning over two decades. Published March 2010. Six editions in five years.
    • Manogati - A blend of psychotherapy and Indian philosophy. Two editions within one year of publishing since March 2010. Now in its sixth edition.
    • Mitule Ani Rasal - A book consisting of literary essays.
    • Hehi Diwas Jatil - A novel based on eternal human values. In its fourth edition.
    • Janma Rahasya - Script of a play on Marathi professional stage.
    • Tya Tighanchi Goshta - Script of his play on Marathi stage. In 2018 he was awarded Ram Ganesh Gadkari State Award for this book.
  2. Books In English & other forms:
    • Nature and Signature - English adaption of his Best-seller Marathi book Swabhav Vibhav by Mr.Satish Bapat (Gautami Prakashan)
    • Dialogue to Wellness - English adaption of his popular book Mutipatre by Mr.Satish Bapat (Gautami Prakashan)
    • Eka Psychiatristchi Diary - Published in Braille edition
    • Swabhav Vibhav and Vishadyog published as audio books.
    • Muktipatre - Kannada edition published in 2010.
  3. Plays: (Has written several award winning one act plays and three scripts for professional Marathi Theatre)
    • Tya Tighanchi Goshta: His play won for him MIFTA 2016 award in Sydney for best playwright .The play won many awards including prestigious Master Dinanath Memorial Award.
    • Get Well Soon: A play based on his book ‘Muktipatre’ starring Swapnil Joshi won over 15 awards for best commercial play 2014.
    • ‘Janma Rahasya’: A play depicting the relationship between mentally ill and their family members. Dr.Nadkarni won best writer’s award from Maharashtra Natya Parishad.
    • ‘Sobatine Chaltana’: A popular play with a theme of Marital Stress and its solution.
    • Rang Maza Vegala: For which Actress Bhakti Barve won Natya Darpan Award.
    • Amhi Jagato Bepham: Starring Rohini Hattangadi; Dr.Nadkarni won B.C. Mardhekar Memorial award as a promising young dramatist in Satara Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan.
    • Asech Amhi Sare
    • Mayasabha: A play for amateur stage won Best writer’s award in 21st State Amateur drama Competition.
  4. His Association with Films:
    • Dr.Nadkarni was creative consultant to feature film ‘Kasav’ that won the ‘Suvarna Kamal’ best film National award in April 2017. Directed by Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukhtankar the theme of the film is ‘Recovery from Depression’
    • Dr.Nadkarni was associated with as a consultant to the first ever feature film made on ‘schizophrenia’ titled Devrai. This film was also directed by Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukhtankar, and with Atul Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni, Dr.Mohan Agashe in leading roles. This film won the National award 2004-2005.
    • He worked as a consultant to another Marathi film ‘Kadachit’ produced by actress Ashwini Bhave that has won four state awards.
  5. Music:
    • He writes songs in Marathi & Hindi. Three Music Albums of songs written and tunes composed by him have been published.
      Navya Shatakacha Gane
      Song of Life
      Akashachi Gani
    • He is part of a medical orchestra which holds professional programs for over twenty five years.
  6. Columnist:
    Dr.Nadkarni has written regular columns on Literature & Mental Health for various periodicals in Marathi. He is a regular contributor to Diwali Magazines in Marathi..
  7. Vocal Skills:
    • Every year Dr.Nadkarni gives an average of Thirty public lectures and conducts over 30 seminars for corporate executives. He anchors and conducts career conferences in 11 major cities of the state.
    • Dr.Nadkarni is a fluent orator in Marathi, English and Hindi.
    • He has worked with ‘Group-interactions’ as an area of his interest and has dealt with varied Groups for therapy, education and guidance from tribal people to sports teams.
    • He is a skillful group therapist compare of reputation in various literary, dramatic and social functions, had appeared several times on television and had many radio-broadcasts to his credit.
    • In December 2005 gave a three evening, nine hour discourse on Stress Management & Indian Philosophy.
    • As an interviewer, he has taken interview of over 700 celebrities from different walks of life in 70 editions of VEDH Career Conference.
    • His CDs and DVDs on various Mental Health themes are produced by the Audio Visual wing of IPH.
    • He appears on different television shows and his work was showcased on a popular channel IBN Lokmat in a two hour program ‘ Great Bhet’.
      Special Features:
    • The Maharashtra State Board for Education has included in a the Marathi text book ‘Kumar Bharati’ for ninth Standard a lesson penned by Dr.Nadkarni.
    • Manovikas Prakashan has published a biographical sketch of Dr.Nadkarni in a book-series ‘The Real SuperHeroes’.
    • Sadhana Prakashan has published a book based on an interview with Dr.Nadkarni along with Dr.Abhay Bang and Dr.Anil Avachat titled ‘ Pudhe Jaanyasathi Maage Valun Pahataana’.
    • Dr.Nadkarni has been awarded with ‘Thane Nagar Ratnba’ and ‘Thane Bhushan’ awards from the city where he stays. He has been conferred with ‘Samaj Shikshak Award’ as well as ‘Arogya Dnyaneshwar’ award by prestigious Institutes. Thane Municipal Council felicitated him with P.Savlaram Memorial award for his literary contributions.
    • Dr.Nadkarni was nominated on the advisory committee to the Union Planning Commission of India on the subject of social welfare for the Five Year Plan 1912-1917.
    • Indian Merchant Chamber Platinum Jubilee award for work in the field of Deaddition.
    • Dr.Arun Limaye Memorial awards for Youth Activist of the year.
    • Shatayushi Puraskar for Medial Journalism.
    • He gave P.M. Lad Memorial Oration in its Diamond Jubilee year for All India Radio.
    • The Govt.of Maharashtra, since 1999 onwards commenced a state award for contributions in the field of De-addiction presented on the Internation Anti-Narcotic Day (Dr.Nadkarni is the first recipient of this award).
    • Dr.Nadkarni has a rare distinction of winning five state awards, one for his professional excellence i.e de addiction work, three for his books and one for his play.
  9. Social Media:
    Through the only you tube channel dedicated to Mental Health, Dr. Nadkarni can be seen and heard in a number of talks, presentations and interviews.
    One can subscribe to this free channel – AVAHAN IPH.
    Dr. Nadkarni writes regular blogs on his blogpost